David Gibson-in his first CD at Park West, Dave arranged and plays trombone with Freddie Hendrix,trumpet; Wayne Escoffery,tenor; Rick Germanson,piano; Dwaye Burno,bass; and Quincy Davis,drums

Sweet Love Of Mine          Reflection       This Guys In Love With You


Steve Lampert- Music From There -another epic work from Steve. Featuring Rich Perry,tenor; Rick Cutler,drums; Jeff Hirshfield,drums; with John Herbert,bass;Jamie Baum,flutes; and Adam Kolker,bass clarinet

The Moerae Ascent

On this page I'll be presenting some of the latest CD releases.
The Fay Victor Project- Cartwheels Through The Cosmos: featuring Fay Victor, voice; Anders Nilsson, guitar; Ken Filiano, bass;
				    Michael  'T.A.' Thompson, drums.  Produced by Jochem van Dijk and T.A. Thompson
  Leap Of Faith       Spin          It's Coming          Earth  

Sabine Fiegl-Open 25 Hours- Sabine and Hannes Wurgler have finished their third CD at Park West

 Through The Eyes of A Child    Daily Life    Love Is The Key 

Eri Yamamoto Trio- Cobalt Blue -Eri Yamamoto,piano; David Ambrosio,bass; Ikuo Takeuchi,drums

Melodica Chops Cobalt Blue

Aimee Allen- vocalist Aimee Allen's debut CD featuring Dave Cook and Toru Dodo,piano; Ben Campbell,bass;Brian Woodruff,drums; Richard Padron,guitar

My Favorite Things Honeysuckle Rose Daydream


Prana Trio- Pranam-featuring composer/drummer Brian Adler; Sunny Kim,vocals; and Stomu Takeishi,basses
  Special appearances by Frank Carlberg,piano; Jeremy Udden,reeds; Michael Winograd,clarinet; Chris Donohue,tenor sax

 The Guide         Once Like A Spark         Tao Te Ching         Sufi Reprise


Sebastian Chames- a pianist and composer from Madrid, just completed his first CD at Park West, teams up with Xavier Perez on tenor, Edward Perez on bass and Ludwig Afonso on drums.

Oliloqui Valley            Voyage                     Seven
 Todd Isler- Soul Drums. the drummer, hand drummer, percussionist and composer performs with saxophonists Allen Won,
                                          Billy Drewes and Jenny Hill; bassists Tom Hubbard and Kip Reed; pianists Adam Morrison and
                                          Ian James MacDonald; and guitarist David Phelps

  Baiao Todd           Bed Of Pines          Kalalau Trail           Hadgini Journey 

Bill McCormick- To Be Continued- in his second CD at Park West, the composer and guitarist pens new compositions for Ken Hatfield-acoustic guitar, Hans Glawischnig-bass, Dan Weiss-drums, Steve Kroon-percussion, and Jim Clouse-saxes

The Spirit Of Soul         Memories Of A Dream         The Persistence Of Saudade


Dave Glenn- National Pastime- the "Dean" hits one out of the park with 8 originals. Along with himself on trombone, he's got All-Stars Rich Perry-tenor, Dave Scott-trumpet, Gary Versace-piano, John Hebert-bass, Jeff Hirshfield-drums. Play Ball!

    Lost In The Sun      The Hammer      Roberto Clemente Bridge      The Denizens Of Rathskellers

Gene Ess- A Thousand Summers- the guitarist/arranger puts a nice spin on some classic standards featuring the voice of Nicki Parrott along with James Weidman-piano, Thomson Kneeland-bass, and Gene Jackson-drums.

    East Of The Sun         I Didn't Know What Time It Was        So In Love      Charade



TriBeCaStan- New Deli - co-founders John Kruth and Jeff Greene have put together an ensemble of musicians from New York and the 4 corners of the globe for this completely unique presentation of instruments from the aforementioned locations.

        Two For Ornette                   Dive Bomber                   Louie's Luau


Mike Fahie- Anima - the trombonist/composer brings in Bill McHenry on tenor sax, Ben Monder on guitar, Ben Street on bass, and Billy Hart on drums. Produced by John McNeil, this is Mike's first CD at Park West.

  An Axe To Grind         Village Greene           Democracy          Seven Sisters



Eric Alabaster- composer/drummer's debut CD at Park West features Roy Nathanson,alto sax; Duane Eubanks,trumpet;
                               Muhammad Salim,tablas; Anjana Roy,sitar; Jay Vilnai,guitar; Yoshi Waki,acoustic bass; Aziz Peerzada,vocals.
Prominade  	    Minor F In 7         3-6-9           Childhood      Child's Play


Toru Dodo- Do You Like Cappuchino?- pianist/composer Toru Dodo's first CD at ParkWest features Rodney Green on drums, bassists Joseph Lepore and Yasushi Nakamura, and David Eggar on cello.

 Evidence					Manhattan Volcano				My Love Song


patrick brennan- Muhheankuntuck- alto saxophonist/composer is joined by Hilliard Greene, acoustic bass,
                                                              and David Pleasant,drums
 tilting curvacious           the terrible 3's          permeatations gumvindaboloo
Alipio C Neto- The Perfume Comes Before The Flower- tenor saxophonist/composer's first visit to Park West and performs
           with Herb Robertson,trumpet; Ken Filiano,acoustic bass; and Michael T.A.Thompson, drums.

  Get Along....                  LaRealite                   Nissarana
Matt Lavelle- the trumpeter, bass clarinetist and composer here with Hilliard Greene, acoustic bass, and 
             Michael T.A. Thompson, drums

 Five             Two           Three 

Jenny Hill- The Chill Factor- the saxophonist/flautist/composer's 3rd CD features Curtis Fowlkes-trombone, Stefan Bauer-vibes, John DiMartino-piano, Jerome Harris- acoustic bass guitar, Oswaldo Amorim-electric bass, Dave Ambrosia-acoustic bass, Todd Isler-drums and hand drums.

  Monkees Of Kilimanjaro          Beautiful Madness            Passion Dance

Sharel Cassity- Just For You- the alto saxophonist's first CD at Park West features Michael Dease-trombone, Tom Barber- trumpet and flugelhorn, Pete Reardon-Anderson- tenor sax, Adam Birnbaum-piano, Paul Beaudry-bass, Vincent Ector-drums

  Just For You          Phibes' Revenge           Irazu           Cherokee

Kelly Powers- the Kelly Powers Project- her 2nd CD at Park West, the pianist and composer is joined by Vito Chiavuzzo-alto, Thomas Heflin-trumpet, Josh Paris-bass, Austin Walker-drums. Co-produced by Harold Mabern

     Jazmine's Mood          New York City         Suckerpunch          Stargaze